Xining city into a piece of old buildings

demolition of residential buildings along the streets of illegal buildings, for the original building exterior insulation, roof waterproof, repair pavement damaged roads, improve the municipal facilities along the street, the old buildings. Xining city district piece rectification action will enable the 30% old buildings of the old city.

old buildings in the city of Xining city accounted for 35.78% of the total number of old residential quarters. In this regard, the district plans within 5 years of the 125 old hospital building 14202 households comprehensive renovation, the basic realization of "Lu Ping, water free, green, bright, standardized objective. This year, the city invested 88 million 480 thousand yuan, in the beginning of the two batch of the large area of the 9, 270 thousand square meters of the old buildings of the 13 shantytowns comprehensive renovation project is expected to be completed in the near future.

according to the different conditions and characteristics of residential areas, based on keep the construction pattern, combined with local cultural resources, work together to build a comfortable residential environment, and the integration of capital build quality demonstration area; to shed the cell after the pilot, the implementation of long-term management mechanism. (author: Yuan Yuhong)


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