Create a new situation of the party building at the basic level

In September 17th, Su Rong was Deputy Secretary of the municipal Party committee deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, party secretary Wang Jianjun stressed that the Commission, in the city party building special debriefing meeting, district party secretary to further enhance political awareness, sense of responsibility and awareness of the overall situation, with more effective measures, more down-to-earth style and constantly create a new situation of the grass-roots party construction work in our city. Provide a strong political guarantee for accelerating the construction of the "two city". Municipal Committee, organization department minister Bi Xiaoning, municipal committee, Secretary General Zhang Yonghai attended the meeting. The meeting heard the district party secretary of the grass-roots party construction work has made the report. On how to further improve the performance of the party secretary of the county Party committee to build the first responsibility of the party, Su Rong stressed that one should effectively enhance the sense of responsibility of the party building. The county Party committee secretary should take the development as the top priority, but also to do a good job of Party building as the primary political task, responsibility, initiative and. Two to give full play to the key role of leaders. County Party Secretary as party building work, the first responsible person, not only to their own attention, but also to carry the pressure, leading the county leading cadres at all levels of Party building. Three to clear the key tasks of Party building. District Party Secretary to lead the party organizations at all levels to improve the understanding of the Secretary, careful planning, the party building and the central work together, optimize the party building ideas, clear focus, improve Party building measures. Four to improve the party’s ability to innovate. The innovation carrier and improve the party building work mechanism as an important measure of innovation of Party Construction work. To play the leading role of advanced typical. To firmly grasp the advanced and backward rectifying and grasping the typical concept, the full implementation of the "grasping both ends with the middle" work method, do establish the typical grasp demonstration focused and balanced with intermediate rectify backward. Six to strengthen the Party Building Safeguard measures. Grassroots party building work, to enrich the grassroots, veteran soldiers and able captains "to" real money "investment base. Su Rong finally stressed the need to do a good job in the near future four aspects, one is to continue to deepen the consolidation of the mass line of educational practice, do a good job in the implementation of the reform and the establishment of a system of work, and promote the normalization of style building long-term. Two is to seize the time to do a good job in rural community before the preparatory work to ensure that the selection of grassroots party organizations with strong leadership. The three is in accordance with provincial arrangements, strengthen the organization leadership to start construction and work groups. Four is to continue to promote the deepening of the weak and lax party organization rectification, village (community) cadre style special rectification work. At the meeting, Su Rong on the municipal Party committee to fulfill the responsibility of the work of the party to make a report, and on-site democratic assessment.  

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