After three years of construction of Xining Nanshan green project is nearing completion

after three years of construction, a green project in Xining City Nanshan green barrier completed a total investment 340 million yuan, 52029 acres of afforestation, planting pine, spruce, poplar, Populus hopeiensis seedlings 4 million 90 thousand, and completed the construction of scenic spots, road hardening, water conservancy project and a series of supporting and auxiliary facilities construction tasks. Currently, the first phase of the project is nearing completion, the greening effect is extremely significant.

August 14th, the city held a large green ecological barrier in Xining, a phase of afforestation and interim results of the investigation and evaluation mobilization. The meeting informed the progress of the first phase of the green mountain green ecological barrier project, and will be carried out in the middle of the project to carry out the investigation and evaluation of the work of the large Nanshan green arrangements. Former vice governor, the provincial headquarters of the headquarters of the southern green consultant Ma Yuanbiao, city leaders, such as Gao Yumei, attended the meeting of the president of the United States, and so on. Vice mayor Fan Guoqing speech.

according to the plan, a green project of green ecological barrier construction of Nanshan city is the main task, from 2006 to 2008 to complete the high standard 60 thousand acres of reforestation, water projects, completed 118 kilometers of road slope before hardening and power transformation engineering, construction and completion of the Nanshan scenic 6. After three years of efforts, the current phase of the project is nearing completion. According to statistics, three years, the city completed a total investment of 150 million yuan, 52029 acres of afforestation, planting pine, poplar, elm, clove and other kinds of Populus hopeiensis, 4 million 90 thousand seedlings, the survival rate was above 90%, the greening effect is extremely significant; investment 78 million yuan, completed the task of hardening the Road 118 miles up the mountain roads. That between the green area of the road all through, and built the green simplified road within the area of 180 kilometers; investment of 12 million yuan, 32 of the original irrigation facilities to conduct a comprehensive maintenance, renewal and transformation, and the new Chinese Village, west of Tal, hill bay and other large and medium-sized irrigation stations; investment of about 100 million yuan, opened in the Huangshui Forest Park, Pu Ning Friendship Park, the new wild animal rescue and breeding center will open in October 1st this year, the construction tasks have been completed for the high quality and standard To complete the construction of the ecological green barrier construction of Nanshan has laid a good foundation.

meeting, vice mayor Fan Guoqing heard a briefing pointed out that to fully grasp the status of green Nanshan project, to better promote the Nanshan two phase of construction, the city will soon be on the Nanshan 40 thousand acres of green land to conduct a comprehensive investigation and assessment. He asked that the responsibility of each unit closely cooperate with the green, carefully organize self-examination and evaluation of the work of the expert group, to assess the scientific, rational, objective, fair.


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