Classic lotus boost cool Xining this summer

Xining this summer, cool this summer, because of national reputation; Xining elite gathered, boutique, permeated with dancing melody, flying youth; this summer, the most beautiful "Lotus" passion bloom in Xining! "Lotus prize" Classical Dance Awards landing in Xining, and the Xining International Dance Festival together, like a spring, like a breeze, moistens the dance artist’s mind, and again with exquisite ideas, continue to bring surprises for us. The second China · Xining International Dance Festival and the ninth China dance "Lotus prize" Classical Dance Awards has been successfully concluded, but she will be singing all the way, happy couple, continue to bloom more bright and colorful light.

lotus floor Xining boost cool

"Lotus prize" landing in Xining, not only to the people of Xining to bring a visual feast, enjoy the elegant culture, let the people across the country through the "Lotus prize" Classical Dance Awards and increasingly understand Xining cool, let cool Xining famous reputation.

2012, the first China · Xining international original dance and modern dance festival held in the city, the majority of people feel the magic of the original ecological dance and modern dance elements collide and merge with each other, different culture, different dance art mutual dialogue and communication and exchanges to build a broad platform. At the same time to show the image of Xining, to enhance the visibility and influence of Xining has opened up a new channel.

this year, in support of China and China Association Federation, Chinese dance world’s highest award – "Lotus prize" landing in Xining, and decided in Xining held three consecutive years (every two years), which is Xining’s trust and love. With the help of "Lotus Award" of the social influence, the Xining International Dance Festival will become the dance art festival and the important window to show the cool image of Xining, the outside world will also go through the dance festival platform to Xining, Xining into the cool cool.

most of the convergence of the "Lotus"

—- professional dance art highest achievement expert award

Chinese dance "Lotus prize" by the China Federation of literary and art circles, China creative Dancers Association, in 1996 by the Central Propaganda Department, the Central Office approved the establishment of two National Professional Dance Awards, designed to reward the outstanding dance works of art, in recognition of outstanding achievements in dance creation and performance talent, active dance and dance theory review, promote the healthy development of Chinese dance art career. The award and Drama Plum Blossom award, film;

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