Let green heavy brand products to the national market

understand the authentic "green heavy" brand products, is a reporter into the Qinghai Hua Ting Heavy Machine Tool Co., ltd..

from the machine parts factory processing, to the assembly plant assembly workshop, the workers in accordance with the design drawings and process requirements, carried out the bed, knife, tailstock and other assembly processes.

speaking of technological innovation in recent years, the company’s technology center assistant director Fan Suzhen meanders. In recent years, they make full use of the innovation driven key role, improve the product quality and precision of CNC machine tools, domestic heavy machine market share reached 60%, the railway special machine series products in the domestic market share reached 80%.

according to the current market development trend, if we do not innovate, then it will lag behind, we can only cater to market development, the product in the production process of technological breakthroughs." Fan Suzhen said with deep feeling.

innovation will eventually usher in the market certainly, now, Qinghai Huading production of "green" brand special railway machine series, heavy-duty horizontal lathe series, roll machine series and centerless lathe series and other products, has been all over the country, and even exported to Australia, Malaysia, Burma, Iran and other places.

"our CNC underfloor wheel lathe, upgrading and transformation through a step by step, change from the original single spindle lathe for biaxial lathe now in 2015, which not only improves the stability of the machine, and the function of machine have been largely improved." Fan Suzhen said.

in recent years, Qinghai tripod attaches great importance to the technology of the original innovation, integrated innovation and the introduction of technology digestion, in the production process, while the accumulation of experience, while the key technology of the product research. Now, has completed the independent research and development of leading products in more than 80% products, and formed a CNC high precision heavy machine, multi variety, multi-level, multi field, with distinctive features in a product pattern, to achieve the transformation from the production of CNC heavy-duty machine tools to the industrialization of high technology and the scale, precision, professional.

as a heavy machine tool manufacturing enterprises, Qinghai Hua Ding is not only in the production process of technological innovation, important in the design of the integration of innovative ideas. Every year, the enterprise will be based on market trends and customer needs, from the design drawings, design methods, production processes and other aspects of ascension, thereby improving product quality.

now, through all kinds of technical innovation, more than 30 kinds of independent intellectual property rights of high-tech products in Qinghai Huading development, there are 22 CNC machine tool products to get new products of national high-tech products and the national title, patented 32 results, and there are two or three kinds of new products into production every year.

enterprise technology innovation, not only bring benefits, but also for enterprises to play a positive role in reducing costs. Pointing to the machine points factory parts, Fan Suzhen told reporters, after the product technology innovation, they need to produce castings in the refinement becomes more refined, but also smaller than the original, so;

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