Hospital hotel service for patient satisfaction

March 11th, the provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Chen Ziquan and his party on deepening the reform of the medical and health system came to Xining First People’s Hospital. It is understood that the Xining First People’s Hospital, furthering the medical reform, explore the integration of medical service mode under the mode, opened at noon clinic, remote consultation center, and actively create a set of hotel style medical service system.

the same day, the reporter saw the Xining First People’s Hospital medical center, spacious and bright room environment, advanced and complete central equipment. It is understood that the health center of Xining First People’s Hospital with pipeline inspection of the inspection can be completed here in the diagnosis examination center of disposable, simplifies the patient thought inspection process trouble.

then, the reporter saw in Xining First People’s Hospital outpatient department, came to visit the patient queue. The reporter learned that, to solve the people, especially in remote areas of people to see a doctor, waiting for a long time, the beginning of this year launched a midday Xining First People’s Hospital outpatient service, from the morning to the afternoon, all the patients were open to the clinic, and all outpatient were experts Zuozhen, thus providing uninterrupted treatment service for patients.


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