Community service circle 10 minutes debut

recently, Xining happy community carefully created a 10 minute living service circle, the residents of the jurisdiction of the intersection of praise, the hearts of the flowers bloom.

10 minutes can be used to do? Do not underestimate this only 10 minutes. If you make full use of, reasonable use, 10 minutes can do a lot of things, can solve a lot of problems. "10 minutes of life service circle" is a kind of innovation to develop the community service.

the shortest time to do your most urgent thing

community set up a collection fee service station. Collection area residents water, electricity, telephone bills, transportation fees, cable television fees, gas fees, etc., for the residents to send good faith service card, handle the business, the phone on the card at a glance. Within 10 minutes to complete, save time, so that residents can not solve the problem of payment.

you do not need to find my post at your doorstep

community to change the practice of past residents to find the community, so that the community’s four staff to the residents to carry out the door service, something on the doorstep to solve the residents, the implementation of AB". Save time, but also improve the efficiency of the community, within 10 minutes can be completed. From the switch to natural gas, to the payment of the one-child fee, retired staff audit, and then to civil dispute mediation and so on, residents praise, like the AB.

volunteer service to enrich the life circle 10 minutes

community entrepreneurs volunteer service team deep into the "10 minute service circle of life, with great enthusiasm and" 10 minutes "efficiency, love and dedication to the residents and provide services, water, electricity, heating, pipeline maintenance; problems of the elderly, disabled people living in free and quick to be solved; poor community donations, every 10 minutes to take practical action to influence and drive people around.

"10 minutes of life service circle" to show the speed and efficiency of the service concept has been recognized and supported by the residents. (author: Chu)

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