Mayor of Xining 3 years of renovation of shanty towns a battle

  the morning of February 28th, the original Qinghai shuangdie wool factory family member courtyard Ma ushered in a group of people, "look at your house, what’s the problem?" Serious aging of the water, our heating has not hot……" This year, your family’s hospital will be transformed to do the external wall insulation, sewer pipe repair, roofing and other comprehensive renovation." To bring good news to Ms. Ma is the mayor of Xining Wang Yubo.

in the morning, Wang Yubo Municipal Committee, deputy mayor Yan Shujiang and planning, construction, land, property and other departments into the part of the old residential area of Xining City, the city held a special shantytowns spot. Wang Yubo stressed that the basic needs of people living and basic requirements, shantytowns is a major project to improve people’s livelihood. We should follow the spirit of the party’s eighteen people and conform to the expectations of the new, to accelerate the shantytowns, use 3 years to complete 654 renovation of 4 million 500 thousand square meters of the old district and 5 villages in the area of 2 million 800 thousand square meters of transformation tasks, play a game of shantytowns battle, let the old people can truly realize from worry to housing, livable.

in front of the mountain bearing plant shantytowns project site, Wang Yubo and the residents together to see the apartment figure, ask for the needs, listen to the views of the transformation. Residents heard the support of the transformation work, Wang Yubo pleased to say: as long as we support, the government will have the confidence to do a good job!" In the south of the road reconstruction project site, Wang Yubo laments, busy construction scene as if you can see the hope of the city tomorrow, which makes us inspired.

at the scene of the subsequent meeting of the special meeting, Wang Yubo pointed out that the municipal government attaches great importance to, in the past 10 years, the transformation of the old city of Xining continue to increase the total transformation area of 14 million 470 thousand square meters, so that tens of thousands of households, hundreds of thousands of people benefit. Wang Yubo stressed that to further increase the shantytowns efforts, to raise awareness, seize the opportunity to shantytowns in the work of the government more important position, as an important work of city development, as an important part of city functions. To strengthen confidence, seize the opportunity to increase the country’s efforts to strengthen the shantytowns, a clear mandate, the implementation of the years, fundamentally improve the living conditions of the people of Xining, improve the quality of living, promote urban development. To give full play to the enthusiasm of the urban government and the two parties, clear responsibilities, urban linkage, efforts to promote and accelerate the progress of shantytowns. To fully listen to the views of the people, benefit people’s livelihood and public opinion, the shantytowns made the people most needed, the most recognized popular project. (author: Sheng Nan)


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