Datong County Board of education to celebrate the twenty eighth teachers’ day painting and calligrap

for the long Chongqing wish twenty-eighth teachers’ day, the County Bureau of education during the teacher’s day successfully organized the county primary and secondary schools, kindergarten teachers, calligraphy, photography exhibition.

the teacher of painting and calligraphy exhibition focus on promoting chuangxianzhengyou, this theme exhibition style of teachers ", in accordance with the" ideological, artistic, creative principle of "unity, in calligraphy, painting, photography, three categories of the received more than and 90 pieces of works of art. The painting and calligraphy exhibition invited member County Calligraphy Association for judges, winning a total of 46 pieces of art works (including first prize 6, two prize 12, third-prize 16, award of excellence 12), the winning rate of 50%, is similar in recent years participating in the activities, the largest, and the award-winning works one of the highest level.

after the end of the contest, from September 9th, the award-winning works will be held in the County Cultural Center for a week of exhibition. On the first day of the exhibition, painting and Calligraphy Association member in the field of county huihaopomo, and county people celebrating the twenty-eighth teachers’ day.

through this event, full of Datong County Teachers’ positive, full of pride, be enthusiastic and press on the spirit, but also fully demonstrated the achievements of school art education work.


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