Thousands of cadres into the enterprise service Working Group on site office of enterprises solve

May 20th morning, the sky rain, the weather is a little cold, but more than 6000 employees Home Expo is better heart warm, because of their hard feelings finally solved.
talent is the first resource, be of good home garden but because employees travel difficult problem facing the loss of personnel. "It’s hard to find a job," he said. But to the Wanjia Home Expo bus too little, sometimes two hours ahead of time also go out late, often go home the evening at eight. Many people are reluctant to resign because of the car is not convenient." Xiao Yuan is an employee of Wanjia home expo. In the office, small yuan out of their own and colleagues.
this, Wanjia Home Garden general manager Wang Hui is worried. Wang Hui said, in the case of small, Wanjia home garden is not the case, the mall is the Northwest’s largest building materials Home Furnishing monomer, thousands of brands, shopping guide and management personnel a total of more than 6000 people, only 29 bus through. Management also learned that many employees can get home at 9 in the evening, some people intend to resign. Personnel can not keep, the enterprise is difficult to develop." Said Wang Hui anxiously.
in thousands of cadres into the business service activities, the twenty-fourth working group to understand the problem of the enterprise, also by the feeling of a "difficult to go home". Since the service companies, we have to find ways to help enterprises coordinate the problem." 24 working group dark determination.
enterprise with the hope of solution, Wang Hui’s mood is clear: "leadership commitment and concern of the working group, we felt at ease a lot, hoping to solve our problems, employees can go home on time, the smooth development of the enterprises."
according to the working group responsible person, according to the Wanjia Home Expo proposed can be set to solve the present enterprise advertising landmark location remote problem, the working group has visited the Xining city traffic police detachment, Xining city traffic police detachment of the relevant departments for the enterprise solution;

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