Xining vigorously develop collective trademarks

this year, Xining City Administration for Industry and Commerce will implement trademark strategy as a service to local economic development focus, in accordance with the registered trademark of the expansion of the total, increase the effectiveness of the geographical indications of cultivation target, and actively guide enterprises to strengthen the trademark registration, trademark registration form the benign development pattern of cultivation. In the first half, the city’s total of 760 registered trademarks, trademark applications to the State Trademark Office of the official 481, an increase of 68%. Currently, the city has a total of 5307 registered trademarks. Among them: 10 well-known trademarks, famous trademarks of 36, well-known trademarks of 54.

Xining city

Industrial and Commercial Bureau established trademark registration supervision tips QQ group, through the QQ group to counties (sub) trademark Supervision Personnel Bureau and the relevant enterprises registered trademark administrative guidance forwarding proposal, renewal of trademark administrative guidance notice defense trademark registration administrative guidance book. At the same time, the Bureau of the use of enterprise registration and annual inspection opportunities, prompting enterprises to apply for trademark registration. (author: Lining)


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