This year the province’s college entrance examination rate steady rise enrollment rate reached 89 3

The reporter learned from the recently released University Admissions Committee 2015 college enrollment report, this year the province examinee 42 thousand and 600 people, an increase of 2457 over the previous year, 38 thousand and 400 people participating in the practice of college entrance examination. Among them, the science and engineering candidates accounted for 60.29%, ethnic minority candidates accounted for 43.71%, fresh students accounted for 91.25%, while the other disabled students of 14. Eventually, the province’s college entrance examination enrollment rate reached 89.3%, an increase of 2 percentage points over the previous year.

the completion of a good education is the livelihood of the people. Among them, 139 key universities in the poverty-stricken areas targeted for special admissions program 696 (17 more than the previous year) completed; free normal students and free medical oriented students candidates to normal universities directly under the Ministry of education for free normal students, free medical oriented students and for Southern four states and two other difficult areas of special admissions, 137 candidates were admitted, 301 people and 162 people.

positive for college reserve plan better. During the admission admissions actively seek to coordinate a, two of the college reserve plan 254, candidates try to meet a good university wish.The reform of the two

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