Xining actively meet the national civilized city index index

8 in late April, the central civilization office will carry out the evaluation of public civilization index in Xining and the evaluation of minors’ Ideological and moral construction. As the first World War, to create a national civilized city in August 7th, Xining city held a meeting of the deployment of the whole city to act quickly, enter the check state of war, to meet high standards of evaluation.

for the field investigation, Xining, a total of more than and 590 points to determine the country as a spot checks. From the urgent improvement of infrastructure, focused on solving the city infrastructure, public facilities, environmental sanitation, environmental protection problems; from the strengthening of public order rectification, the key to solve the existing traffic order, market order, public order problems; prominent social and cultural environment, focus on the existence of the Internet, Internet cafes, entertainment, school the surrounding issues and other aspects of a "real", and then seize and prepare Ying seized ready to work down.

is an important content for the evaluation of the evaluation system, "" city civilization index material audit 48 indicators, "Ideological and moral construction of minors work evaluation system" material audit 35 indicators, Xining requirements of the relevant units in accordance with the division of labor, appoint competent personnel on the catch. In accordance with the principle of a comprehensive system, accurate and effective, standardized and concise, file information to pay attention to the accuracy of the preparation, and then add, and then try to improve the preparation of inspection.

at the same time, according to the examination of propaganda work, Xining city issued a special "Xining plan" evaluation of publicity in 2012 to meet the city civilization degree index, the key content for the propaganda department closely around the city civilization degree index, created by the fast channel news propaganda, network publicity, publicity and promotional social civilized city. Organized and planned to carry out publicity, fully display the city of Xining has made in the public environment, public order, public welfare activities, interpersonal mutual effect, and strive to create a strong atmosphere of public opinion, to further improve the city’s people for the construction of public civilization awareness, identity and satisfaction rate, promote the implementation of the evaluation work for and to provide a powerful ideological guarantee and support of public opinion to further consolidate the results to create.

check is imminent, Xining city for the next must be in a hurry, do not have the sense of urgency, a sense of crisis, not slow to sit under the responsibility, focus time, manpower and money in the rectification of problems on implementation, improve the satisfaction of the masses in the catch, catch with the overall push on the innovation in the long-term management, to meet the outstanding achievements of the National City Public Civilization Index test.

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