Shunyi District Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee of Xining city to visit the north of

July 25th, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee of Shunyi District Wu Jianguo line to the north area of Xining city investigation, how to embody the concept of refinement in the work of the NPC Standing Committee for the exchange, the two related personnel to participate in the symposium.

forum, North District introduced the situation of economic and social development and the north area of, around the supervision work and representative work, self construction, improve the quality of the Standing Committee are introduced. In recent years, the North District four team to unite and lead the diligent and wise people of North ningxinjuli, overcome difficulties, intensify reform, accelerate the pace of construction, to maintain social harmony and stability, strengthen the industrial base, promoting the construction of modern urban agriculture, improve market service level, efforts to improve the urban and rural areas and the environment, to achieve a new leap in economic society the development of the. District People’s Congress Standing Committee closely around the region’s overall development, strengthen supervision, exploration and innovation, faithfully fulfill the powers conferred by the Constitution and laws, and make positive contribution to promote the north of democracy and legal system construction and economic and social development.

Shunyi District people’s Congress Standing Committee Director Wu Jianguo said that in recent years, Xining’s economic and social development has made remarkable achievements and various undertakings, has undergone tremendous changes in urban and rural areas, make eyes bright, refreshing. The work of the Standing Committee of the people’s Congress of the north of the city has made new progress, bright spots, some of the advanced practices in the work of great inspiration to us, we will deepen exchanges, study seriously, and better promote the work. (author: Fan Shengdong)



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