Small and micro enterprises enjoy preferential tax policies

it is understood that the Xining City West District local taxation departments through a variety of ways to make clear the law of taxpayers, taxpayers use of preferential policies and enjoy from vague to clear, greatly expanded the west area of Small and micro businesses to enjoy the benefit of preferential tax policies. According to statistics, as of December 26th this year, a total area of 1156 Small and micro businesses successfully record, record sales taxes amounted to 5 million 400 thousand yuan, and to achieve full relief, create a relaxed environment for the healthy development of Small and micro businesses, help Small and micro businesses’ predicament.

addition, Chengxi district tax department through the bulletin board, Xining city tax website, QQ group, touch screen, billboards and other promotional methods, preferential tax policies for extensive publicity to the community, to simplify the tax process, improve the efficiency of the tax, greatly satisfy the demand of tax Small and micro businesses. (author: Yang Jian)

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