Sanjiang source water resources increased nearly 8 billion cubic meters over the past 10 years

9 month 9 days, reporters from the Qinghai province Sanjiang source of ecological protection and construction office was informed that since the province started to implement the two phase of the project a project, Sanjiang source of ecological protection and construction, the provincial government to seriously implement the strategic deployment of the CPC Central Committee and State Council, to strengthen the Sanjiang source of ecological protection work comprehensively. According to the latest assessment of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Sanjiang source area ecosystem degradation trend has been initially curbed, ecosystem service has improved, the focus of ecological construction projects ecological situation improved significantly. Water resources increased by nearly 8 billion cubic meters, equivalent to an increase of 560 West Lake. Tibetan antelope number from the 80s of last century, less than 20 thousand to return to the present only more than 70 thousand.

2014 in January, Sanjiang source of ecological protection and construction of the two phase of the project entered the full implementation phase. The planning area including Yushu, Guoluo, Hainan, Huangnan 1214 administrative villages in 4 Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in 21 counties and 158 towns, a total area of 395 thousand square kilometers, accounting for 54.6% of the total area of Qinghai province. The main content of the construction of ecological protection and construction, supporting two major categories of 24 projects, the estimated total investment of 16 billion 57 million yuan. As of now, the state issued the Sanjiang source of phase two project of the central budget for special investment 1 billion 500 million yuan, our financial loaning 300 million yuan, the implementation of the grassland pest prevention and control, ecological animal husbandry infrastructure construction, black beach governance, afforestation and other projects, the implementation of the work is in an orderly way.

according to the Chinese Academy of Sciences on the implementation of the project comprehensive evaluation of third party to carry out that the total amount of water resources in the source region of Sanjiang ecosystem increased, 10 years increased nearly 8 billion cubic meters of water resources, water conservation increased by 6.25%, water quality remained excellent. With the increase of vegetation coverage, the total yield of grass increased by 30%, the soil conservation amount increased by up to 32.5%, and the trend of grassland degradation in Sanjiang area was restrained. The effectiveness of millions of acres of black soil treatment project is significant, the vegetation coverage by the former management of less than 20% to more than 80% after treatment; biological diversity enhanced, the source area of Sanjiang wild animal population increased significantly, the number of recovery increased, the habitat has been significantly improved, the number of Tibetan antelope restored to more than 70 thousand, the number of bar headed goose from less than 1 thousand to the current more than 3 thousand. In recent years, Sanjiang snow leopard source core area are frequent, the waters of g.eckloni 50 plateau indigenous fish resources significantly, reflecting Sanjiang as the source of validity and integrity of the world in animal and plant resources, is a great contribution to the world to protect the ecological environment.


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