Xining City Transportation Bureau 2010 petition work through the target assessment

2010 in December 16th, the city’s leading group on the work of the petition petition work conducted an annual assessment.

City Transportation Bureau on 2010 petition work report. In 2010, Xining city traffic bureau petition work to do the five in place, the implementation of four, five changes, namely: five in : one is the ideological understanding, the two is the organizational leadership in place, three is the working mechanism in place, the four is the work of supervision and guidance measures in place, five is in place. four implementation of : first, to strive for accurate classification, and the two is to solve the problem in accordance with the law, the rule of law is the most detailed mediation, and the three is to strive to be detailed and accurate, and the four is to provide accurate information feedback. five changes: one is by paying attention to the reception petition to change the active visit, the realization of the two single by administrative means to economic, legal and administrative means of combining transformation, three by passive coping to the source of prevention, tackling the problem, focusing on the fundamental change, four is from mainly relying on the petition departments and supervision the enterprise, initiative, concerted effort with change, five is a single solution to the problem is to solve the problem of the petition, and preach policy laws and regulations, regulate the behavior change.

2010 years, the City Transportation Bureau received a total of 55 letters and visits from the masses, including: People’s Congress motion of the 15, CPPCC member proposal of the masses, letters and letters and online letters of the 20, the rate of 100%.

petition work leading group on the city’s traffic bureau of letters and visits to give full recognition, but also put forward to pay more attention to the reform of public transport enterprises, taxi management rights, migrant workers rights stability. Hope to strengthen communication with the Municipal Bureau of letters and visits, exchange of information, so that the petition work to a new level, to make our due contribution to the stability of Xining. .






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