The auction lot of horses to find a good blanket

1 million 500 thousand, 1 million 800 thousand, 2 million, an increase, let each a beautiful handmade carpet rising value, whether it is used to collect, watch, these give a new meaning of handmade carpets was optimistic about their horses with the highest price welcomed home. In August 7th, the province held a Handmade Tibetan carpet auction, a pure silk handmade carpet to the price of 2 million yuan was taken. This is also the most expensive auction auction.

as the auctioneer a hammer will fall, the bidders will become the new owner of the carpet. In the auction site, other exotic "Persian carpet · Tabriz" reproduction of the ancient Persian Royal archery scene; Hetian silk and gold price than peacock knitting a "Qiuci dance" attracted the attention of many viewers……

it is responsible for the auction of the commerce department responsible person, the auction by around the auditions collection, the experts, from 100 auction in the final selected 31 pieces of carpet products to participate in the auction, some of these handmade carpets from China, some from Iran, Pakistan, India and Nepal. After a fierce price competition, the last successful auction of 20, the total turnover reached 4 million 390 thousand yuan. Among them, an area of the largest, pure silk of the Persian Handmade Blanket was Xinjiang auction price of 2 million yuan. Wang Jingping, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Commerce, the successful auction of these carpets are hand woven, showing that people in the exquisite carpet dyeing and weaving, carrying the different regional cultural characteristics. I hope that through such activities, so that more people realize that the carpet is not only consumer goods, but also works of art and collectibles.  

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