Shanghai experts to teach experience in Xining


Shanghai Pudong city and my sister city, we carried out a number of cooperation activities, training for promoting scientific and technological talents in our city, and further enhance the ability of independent innovation of our enterprises, promote the development of economy, the city in September 13th, at the invitation of the Shanghai municipal Party Committee Organization Department, Pudong experts Dr. service group in our city to carry out lectures to help activity. Municipal Committee, organization department minister Zhang Xuetian attended the forum.

September 13th, Shanghai Pudong expert Dr. service delegation of 5 people according to the situation of Xining, respectively in Shanghai Pudong in the economic, medical, social management, technology and other aspects of the experience and practice are introduced to the cadres in our city, and the topic seminars, new ideas and new ways to explore each other. At the same time, the expert Dr Chaoyang CBD logistics park project center, the Tibetan Plateau agricultural distribution center and other places to visit, keenly aware of in recent years the development of the Xining building, a strong atmosphere. The Shanghai Pudong expert Dr. service group lecture aid activities and achieved the desired results, the city departments responsible person said, to seriously study and learn the experience and practice of Shanghai Pudong, advanced production and management experience of Shanghai Pudong in-depth study, carefully find the gap between ourselves, adding learning advanced experience, to promote the economic development of our city the sense of mission and responsibility, conscientiously do their own work. (author: Zhang Qian)


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