Reporters interpret the story behind the basket

people are most concerned about is to eat, wear, live, line. "Government work report" the vegetable basket project as a priority among priorities, put forward to build the vegetable garden, rich "food basket", "dish cloth booth", "food standard merchants", solve the difficult to sell vegetables and people to buy food expensive problems, ensure that the market price stability. What is the construction of vegetable base in our province? Vegetable prices have not reduced? Market supply can not keep up? In this year’s two sessions, the evening news reporter for you to interpret the matter behind the province’s food basket project.

168 million tons

local dishes on the public table

[citizen voice]

often buy food in the market, the supply of vegetables to feel our local summer is very large, such as chrysanthemum, rape, green peppers, carrots, green asparagus, Shanghai, leek, celery, lettuce and other dozens of varieties of vegetables often meet with the public in the market, and the dish is fresh, green the pollution of our food, summer is very advantageous, the price is not high, we Qinghai local self production is very high. In the winter, we have to rely on food transportation field, vegetable prices naturally rise, but the price can be accepted." – citizen Liu Yaru

[two sessions] exactly how much of our local vegetable production, variety and how?

[reporter survey]

vegetable planting area reached 733 thousand and 300 acres last year (including open field vegetables of 518 thousand and 600 acres, vegetable acres of vegetables), an increase of more than 33 thousand acres last year, the total output reached 1 million 689 thousand and 500 tons, an increase of more than last year, 25 thousand and 600 tons. The main varieties of vegetables planted pepper, cucumber, tomatoes, melons and other 20 kinds of.

[two sessions] Provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry staff

with the benefit of agricultural production in our province facilities continue to appear, all vegetable varieties gradually changed, achieved by a single species to multi species planting seasons rotation change, change from the road to the facilities are. At present, the Xining city vegetable production area of the province and East Sea city, in addition to individual vegetable products due to low commodity rate is not listed, all real estate vegetables for sale, export of vegetables mainly in open field vegetables mainly concentrated in each year from 7 to October, the year a total of 500 thousand tons of vegetables for export.

291 base

to protect the public basket abundance

[citizen voice]

"in recent years, the outskirts of Xining City, especially the North District Baoziwan, Chengzhong District Zongzhai, can see a lot of vegetables in greenhouses, the local vegetable planting scale is also growing, the day picking fresh vegetables every morning can buy, but this government in order to increase the vegetable supply out of the real the move, as a people, we welcome the hands in the air." – citizen Liu Lijun

[two sessions]

province attaches great importance to the development of vegetable industry, continue to increase policy support and financial support, then there is a vegetable base;

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