This year the Provincial Department of water resources to invest 72 million yuan to transform the wa

This year the provincial capital

water supply departments to further increase the water supply network transformation efforts, improve the pressure of Nanchuan Road, Nanshan Road sections.

December 6th, reporters from the Xining water (Group) limited liability company was informed that this year, the water sector to raise funds, on the one hand continue to increase efforts to transform water supply network synchronization, on the other hand with the municipal road construction, high quality pipe pre installed in the new road construction, expansion of water supply areas, increase the pipe pressure, to ensure the city to improve the water quality and water pressure.

According to reports, this year, the water sector invested 72 million yuan to transform the water supply pipe network, some sections of the water supply pipeline for a long time, the aging of the pipeline, the problem of serious leakage has been resolved

. During the year, 54 West Road, Haiyan Road, Nanchuan Road, Nanshan Road, Camp Street, 66 water supply pipe network renovation project, improve the water area, the tap water leakage rate. At the same time, gradually increase the proportion of surface water supply, reduce the water consumption of groundwater, so that the water table was picked up, improve the carrying capacity of water resources. (author: Zhang Pu)

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