Xining City East District to carry out a series of activities to create national unity and progress

only when the brothers and sisters of the whole family live together in this big family, our strong dream will come true…… September 17th, held in the Eastern District of national unity and progress in the development of advanced thematic lectures. After the lecture, the East will also carry out a series of rich activities, the creation of the national unity and progress to promote the activities of the region’s curtain.

East District, 1/3 of the population is a minority, the unity among the nationalities, integration is particularly important. From the eastern development of people’s livelihood, promote economy of the area to improve the happiness index of the residents of all ethnic groups, let everyone britherhood sisters hehemumu, a pro. To this end, the East District has also developed a "national unity and progress of advanced areas of the implementation of the program", from the reality, vigorously develop the national economy. In the future, the East District will be supported by the approval of various projects, projects, financial support and other aspects of the national economy, increase poverty alleviation and development efforts to give priority to support and help ethnic minorities get rich. At the same time, relying on the cultural characteristics of the eastern minority ethnic groups, the development of halal food industry, tourism culture and other characteristics of the industry. The advantage of the Great Mosque of Dongguan relying on tourism resources, and promote the integration of Islamic culture and tourism depth. To support a minority of special commodity fixed-point production enterprise and national handicraft production enterprises. Accurately grasp the focus of investment and support in Xining, the focus on the development of structural adjustment and steady growth, and promote the construction of halal industrial park.

addition, Chengdong district will be combined with the whole village, the new rural construction, construction of a number of sets of production, sales, training, exhibition as a whole, reflect the national geographical characteristics of the rural surplus labor service base, promote local employment. Develop and strengthen the village collective economy, improve the income level of farmers and improve the living environment. According to the innovation of social management and carry out the "grid management service" requirements, give full consideration to the characteristics of ethnic minorities and the practical difficulties, the establishment and improvement of labor and employment, social assistance, legal services, culture and sports, health, family planning and other work for the public service system. Combined with the reality of the East, in the contiguous development and construction of the area, planning the establishment of religious venues, to meet the needs of religious people to carry out normal religious activities. (author: Zhou Jianping)

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