Public rental property management approach

In order to further improve the urban housing security system, regulating public rental property management, combined with the actual, Qinghai province formulated the "Qinghai province public rental housing common property management measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "management measures"). The "management approach" clearly: the protection of the object can be purchased in accordance with the cost of construction of public rental housing property rights, the implementation of common property rights can also be a one-time purchase of public rental housing limited property rights. Approach since 8 this month.It is reported that the province’s

, the sale of public rental housing (including before the merger of the low rent housing) according to copies of the application, review and sale of property management, the application of "management measures". According to a common property, refers to the local government and security according to the proportion of capital contribution to share the same set of public rental property, the personal property purchased by the security object in accordance with the construction of public rental cost; buy the remaining property guarantee for government property, personal property insurance share objects with the approved according to the contribution of single units of public rental construction costs accounted for the proportion of the price. The first time the purchase of public rental property rights guaranteed by the local government according to the actual situation, but not less than 60%, the number of public rental property purchase, the proportion of individual property rights corresponding to the timely adjustment.

"management measures" to encourage the protection of objects made public rental limited property rights clearly, the protection of objects in 5 years (with the signing of the purchase contract date) purchase Fangjiekuan, according to the original construction cost; 5 years later within 8 years of purchase, according to the original construction cost price plus the bank loan interest the approved purchase Fangjiekuan; 8 years later, according to the market price and the relevant assessment will determine the placement price. Did not obtain limited property rights or access to limited property rights for 5 years of public rental housing, shall not be sold, leased, lent, idle and unauthorized change of use.

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