The financing guarantee institutions for financing of small and medium sized enterprises credit supp

cash flow is important to the enterprise as blood to the human body. Since last year, the economic situation is complicated, industrial environment to increase the downtown pressure on the economy, small and medium-sized enterprises in Qinghai province a lot of much-needed funds through financing guarantee system of the "golden lever", effectively alleviate the financing difficulties. President of the Financing Guarantee Industry Association unit, Qinghai Tiancheng credit Company Limited by Guarantee as an example, through the re guarantee, counter guarantee and other means, the balance of the insurance company last year exceeded 8 billion yuan.

financing has been the main constraints faced by the development of small and micro enterprises, and the main reason for the financing of small and micro enterprises is difficult credit". In recent years, Qinghai province to strengthen the construction of financing guarantee institutions as an effective way of small micro enterprise financing credit, promote financing guarantee business bigger and stronger. Encourage the guarantee institutions guarantee zoom magnification, carry out cross industry UNPROFOR, mutual insurance, the establishment of the security alliance.

according to the Provincial Finance Office statistics, at present Qinghai province has 62 Guarantee Corporation, but because of some medium or small Guarantee Corporation’s capital strength and guarantee capacity is limited, banks face barriers to entry, bank deposit, high magnification and low number of business problems, development space ten co.. To this end, in May last year, the establishment of the Financing Guarantee Industry Association of Qinghai. Through the association of this platform, the province a number of Guarantee Corporation to form a strategic partnership, the large Guarantee corporation use their credit platform to provide channels for cooperation in the business of a Guarantee Corporation, the Guarantee Corporation’s business platform through cooperation, to provide financing guarantee services for small and micro enterprises across the province more. This is a win-win cooperation model not only makes more and more small and medium-sized enterprises to obtain financing by means of letter of guarantee by power, the new mode of innovation in Guarantee Corporation in the province jointly guaranteed, provides new ideas and new space for small and medium-sized Guarantee Corporation in the healthy and orderly development.


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