Xining national tax to take a number of measures for the going out business services

to better promote the development of enterprises in the overseas investment and management in Xining City, the IRS adopted a number of measures to seriously do a good job of "going out" management and service work of enterprise development strategy, actively encourage enterprises to explore the international market, and make China’s overseas investment enterprise tax management service.

Xining City, the IRS

with "going out" the actual situation and requirements, make full use of the "12366 tax service hotline, the tax service hall and other carriers, timely release of information and related policies and regulations propaganda, assigned to provide overseas investment tax guidelines for enterprises, hot and difficult questions about overseas investment enterprises, provide targeted tax service better for enterprises overseas investment to provide multi domain policy guidelines in all directions, and escort for the development of enterprises. At the end of October 2011, has been "going out" enterprises corporate income tax credit 36 million 630 thousand and 200 yuan.


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