The party called on the city to study Feng Sha

Carry out in the city on April 14th the party’s mass line of educational practice, the CPC Xining Municipal Committee, made a study to determine Comrade Feng sha.

decided that she should learn the heart of the masses, law enforcement for the people’s public servant feelings. Sha Feng comrades always do the mass line of the party faithful practitioner, always keep in mind the purpose of serving the people, establish a good image of procuratorial organs, love for people, for the people. To learn from her loyalty to perform their duties, fair enforcement of outstanding quality. Sha Feng Comrade consciously personal ideal pursuit of the party and the cause of the people together, always remain loyal to the party and the country, loyal to the people, loyal to the political nature of law, loyal guards of the party and the people, make a strong defender of the career of the party. To learn the spirit of good learning, diligent study of her hungry for knowledge. Sha Feng comrade to study hard, consciously enhance the comprehensive quality and professional skills, from an ordinary procuratorial officers as national outstanding prosecutor. To learn from her honest occupation ethics, strict with oneself. Sha Feng comrades firmly establish a correct outlook on power, law enforcement and interests, always spotless, upright. To learn her dedication, selfless dedication noble sentiment. Sha Feng comrade has always been to the party and the people, the cause of a highly responsible attitude, the constant pursuit of life ideal and social value in the party and the people to provide on the stage.

municipal call, the city’s various units and departments, to contact the actual work and ideological cadres actually put learning activities to Sha Feng comrades as the second batch of educational practice is an important content, carefully organize the ideal faith education, the concept of the masses, the purpose of awareness education, party spirit and discipline of education and moral education. In Marx’s view of the masses and the party’s mass line thematic study and discussion, and the formation of learning advanced, striving to advanced, catch up with the advanced atmosphere. Education and guidance of Party cadres in the Sha Feng Comrade as a mirror, looking for gaps and lack of investigation, complement the spirit of calcium, in addition to the "four winds" kill and remove dirt behavior, firmly establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values, adhere to the people honest and pragmatic value pursuit, continue to close with the masses the flesh and blood ties, the learning activities into practical action, to reflect the people’s livelihood and Huimin service specific practice, and make greater contribution to the construction of people’s satisfaction with the life of the city, the city of happiness.  

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