Strengthen the cultivation of excellent talents of democratic parties

In October 28th, 29, Su Rong, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman, Secretary of municipal Party Committee United Front Work Department Liu Fade et al conducted a survey of our city and the construction of democratic parties to perform their duties, a detailed understanding of the various democratic parties to carry out the work and existing difficulties. Su Rong and his entourage went to Datong County, West District, county to the United Front Department work report and the democratic parties to grassroots organizations work report, inspected the grassroots organizations of the democratic parties of the office environment, watched all the democratic parties and society exhibition. October 29th, the research group held a forum to the municipal Party committee of democratic parties to listen to the report of the work of the Democratic parties. Su Rong pointed out in the research forum, the city’s democratic parties in recent years fruitful work, the development of positive and stable, distinctive. Adhere to the ideological theory of armed forces, build brand concentric active participation in politics; the growing awareness, and constantly improve the level of grip; team building, good logistics; people’s livelihood and social services, has been widely recognized and affirmed; attach importance to personnel training and selection, gather a group of talented people, and has made a great contribution to the city’s economic and social development. To further strengthen the construction of democratic parties and do the work of the United Front, Su Rong, the democratic parties should continue to strengthen training, improve their own quality, armed with scientific theory, members of consensus, to promote the development of party unity, in view of learning, promote and practice the socialist core values set an example. Strengthen the organization construction, improve the overall comprehensive ability, the basic level organization scientific settings, smooth operation, standardized management, orderly development. Su Rong stressed that to strengthen research, improve the ability to participate in politics, to the democratic parties participating in politics to provide more effective communication platform, the formation of channels, give full play to sectors of specialty and advantage of talents in politics. To further strengthen the training and selection of outstanding personnel of the democratic parties and the political arrangements of the Democratic parties. We will strengthen basic security, improve the ability of the democratic parties to serve the community, make overall consideration for the existing problems, and gradually solve them so as to work together for the development of the city.  

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