Xining City East District Culture wind blow

June 24th, Chengdong district "to keep in mind the purpose of honest" theme of education publicity activities launched in Taining garden, provincial and municipal leaders attended the Commission for Discipline Inspection, the awards for the second session of the "wind cup" culture painting, paper-cut, photography and fine art shows the winners, and the cadres and the masses watch together with the excellent honest in theatrical performances, then visited the area of the second "wind cup" the paper-cut painting photography exhibition.

the area will be in the "keep in mind the purpose of honest" theme of education publicity activities, to further strengthen the ideal faith education, the leading cadres of the party loyalty education, the purpose of education, discipline education and political and moral education, vigorously carry forward the hard work, close ties with the masses and honest style, carry out the culture of "six plus four" activities, to guide the ideological and moral defense against corruption and build a strong consciousness of Party members and cadres. It is reported that the second session of the "wind cup" culture paper-cut painting photography exhibition in the region to collect all kinds of more than 300 pieces of works, there are winners, 70 works, 5 prize, two prize 12, third-prize 20, encouragement award 33 performances, outstanding organization award 11 a paper-cut painting photography, outstanding organization award 4. (author: Dezhou)

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