Provincial third inspection teams to inspect the situation of the provincial tax bureau Party feedba

unified deployment by the provincial Party committee, in November 25th, the provincial third inspection teams to the provincial tax bureau Party feedback special inspections. Leader Liu Shanqing to the bureau Party Secretary Zhao Niannong conveyed the Secretary Wang Guosheng will listen to the spirit of inspection work report after speech at the Provincial Standing Committee and provincial Party committee, on behalf of the group of five inspection teams to the board of Party leadership had feedback. Zhao Niannong presided over the meeting and made a statement.

Liu Shanqing pointed out that in recent years, the Provincial Local Taxation Bureau conscientiously implement the provincial government and the State Administration of Taxation, a series of major decisions and plans to serve the overall economic and social development as the fundamental direction of the tax work, and effectively exert the function of Taxation, the overall evaluation of the cadres and the masses is good, but in the inspection still found some outstanding issues. First, the weakening of the party’s leadership, the implementation of the two responsibilities are not in place, the lack of guidance to the lower Party organizations, layers of conductive pressure decline. Two is the implementation of cadre selection and appointment system is not strict. The three is to implement strictly ineffective, illegal payment of duty fee, performance salary, overtime, meal allowance problems. Four is not in place on the grassroots level, the basic level of government procurement in the construction of office buildings and other aspects of the project supervision, lax. At the same time, the clues found in inspections, has been transferred to the relevant departments in accordance with the relevant provisions.

Liu Shanqing on behalf of the inspection team made four suggestions. One is to conscientiously implement the party the main responsibility, to fully play strictly political responsibility, strengthen party building work, to avoid the "double tube" to "double no matter"; two is to further implement the oversight responsibility, dare to seriously tackle tough problems, seriously investigate all kinds of violation cases; three is the strict implementation of the cadre and personnel system, seriously implement the work the democratic centralism and the selection and appointment of cadres; the four is to standardize the work of tax collection, the comprehensive strict requirements throughout the whole process of tax career development, each link.

Zhao Niannong said that the provincial inspection group feedback, deep specific, vigorous, high position, strict requirements, is to effectively guide the main responsibility for implementing the party, party will take corrective inspections as a major political task to grasp, catch effect. First, we must fully understand the work of the local government departments to promote the role of inspections, and constantly deepen the results of inspections. Two, we should conscientiously implement the inspection work regulations and relevant requirements, earnestly strengthen leadership over the work of rectification, study and formulate rectification plan, one by one to develop corrective measures, itemized reconciliation pin number, do all to the rectification, each piece is nowhere to be found, to see the effectiveness of. Three to adhere to strictly placed in a prominent position, strengthen party discipline consciousness, in-depth remediation four winds, resolutely implement the responsibility to manage the party rule.


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