What can not bring the Spring Festival travel

In February 3rd, a passenger carrying 6 bottles of highland barley wine ready for boarding, the results at the end of February 4th, one of the passengers checked; carrying knives were not allowed to take on the train…… In recent days, in Xining airport, railway station, bus station, because carrying prohibited items, passengers have been stopped when the situation occurs. In order to ensure the safety of the majority of passengers travel, the new revision of the railway stop and prohibit the carriage of goods to carry the list in January 10th this year to implement. Meanwhile, during the Spring Festival, the airport, bus station security department is also more strictly enforce the relevant provisions of the ban on carrying some items. So, let the evening news reporter in detail for you to understand what things can not take the road?

– aircraft height: not only can not carry liquor, wine, even Wine belong to the limits. If you need to carry alcoholic items, you can check the formalities in the boarding pass, but limited to 2 bottles per person, the total weight of not more than 1 kilograms, and must be packed intact. If the passengers do not know to carry the wine, the safety inspector will ask for the wine to be brought back by the person to take off or handle consignment, temporary procedures.

– Train: there is no clear provisions of the relevant regulations, but passengers to carry goods (including liquor) weight shall not exceed the provisions of the railway 25 kilograms, more than items can be checked. Due to the high degree of liquor once broken, hit the open flame will immediately ignite, belong to dangerous goods, so do a good job of liquor packaging, sealing. In addition, the new regulations also have a control over other liquids. If the passenger can carry the nail polish, Hair Coloring to agent, agent shall not exceed 20 ml, perm lotion, mousse, hair spray, pesticides, air fresheners and other flowing pressure vessel shall not exceed 120 ml; limit safety matches with 2 boxes, ordinary lighters can only carry 2.

– Auto: Xining passenger station only allowed to carry 2 bottles of liquor (2 kg) ride, no degree of liquor restrictions. And to carry the liquor must be packed in bottles of wine, bottled, bottled liquor is not allowed to take the car.

– Aircraft: raw meat must be checked, and packaged, avoid a taste or liquid outflow. Packaging with plastic bags wrapped in several layers, it is best to use cartons and other packaging, if the packaging is not qualified, the staff will refuse to give you a check. At the same time, the total weight of 20 kilograms of free checked baggage.

– Train: both raw and cooked meat, as long as no more than 20 kg, can take on the train, but because of the winter;

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