45 games a week recruitment craze

by the municipal government and the Provincial Department of human resources and social, the provincial education department, the Provincial Federation of trade unions and other units jointly sponsored by the key project of Qinghai province in 2015, key enterprises and private enterprises to recruit college graduates week and fair the first job fair, held in Xinning square in May 22nd, 402 household units to provide jobs for college graduates to the scene 10369. During the recruitment week, the province will be held in 45 cities and States special recruitment.
the recruitment week series of activities, from the beginning of May 22nd to the end of May 29th. In the 2015 National Recruitment week focus on college graduates, the same for all types of talents in agricultural and pastoral areas, migrant workers, veterans and urban laid-off workers, the disabled and the zero employment families employment difficulties. Employing units in the province’s key projects, key enterprises and the three major economic zones of all types of private enterprises. With the opening of the first job fair, the province will continue to host 45 special recruitment activities. Among them, Xining city 7, Haidong city 6, Haixi 9 field, 6 field, Hainan Haibei Prefecture 5 field, 5 field, Huangnan, Yushu, Guoluo 6 field 1 field.
in order to allow more employment by the government to build a platform for successful employment, online recruitment information service at the same time in the recruitment week in Qinghai province by using the market of human resources recruitment network in our province. Qinghai farming and animal husbandry science and technology information platform, various types of employment information to point to point the way to send text messages to provide free information services for the majority of farmers and herdsmen.

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