Provincial left behind children’s homes reached 140

In December 18th, reporters from the province’s rural migrant children special working group on the sixth joint meeting that, for the further implementation of the State Council and relevant spirit of our province, to provide a good environment for the education of our province rural migrant children’s healthy growth, recommended by the state education departments and municipalities, women’s Federation, the provincial women’s Federation screening, civilization provincial office, Provincial Department of Education decided to create this year in Xining Hongxing primary school and 30 other schools in Qinghai province left-behind children home. At present, the province has 140 provincial left behind children’s home. In recent years, the provincial government attach great importance to our province, and actively explore the care for rural migrant children work mechanism and mode, and strive to build a family, society and school education as one of the range of care services, migrant children work scientific, standardized and systematic track. Among them, the various departments in our province each region and strengthen the left-behind children home support to twinning, student love and other forms, promote the left-behind children home construction projects, in fact, the long-term, the migrant children get benefits, general benefit and long benefit. Left behind children’s home to become the main position of care activities, so that many of the children left behind to benefit from. This year the newly created 30 provincial left behind children’s home, Xining city has 9, for the Xining red star elementary school, Xining Yucai School, West District, Liu Zhai primary school, chase County, treasure Township Center school.  

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