Xining customs cracked a large drug smuggling cases seized 1366 grams of drugs

recently, the Xining customs anti smuggling Bureau cracked a large drug smuggling cases, arrested 5 suspects, seized heroin, heroin, 1366 grams.

it is understood that in April 28th this year, the Kunming customs bureau according to the clues, in Ruili in Yunnan sent to Qinghai by mail, a certain number of drugs hidden in the mail items, then sent to Xining to investigate, and transfer the case to the Xining customs investigation bureau. In cooperation with Qinghai Provincial Public Security Department of public security, the Public Security Bureau of Hainan, the Republican County Bureau and the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau and the Bureau of the ad hoc group, Xining Customs after 5 consecutive days of squatting, successively in May 7th in Xining city and Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Republic will suspect Xiemou, a king and a horse arrested, and seized 1366 grams of drugs. After the group moved to follow up a victory with hot pursuit, the other 2 suspects in May 8th, 11, the success of the arrest of suspects.

customs staff to remind citizens: vigilance, people don’t, generation of unidentified unknown to receive the parcel, to prevent being used by criminals involved in drug smuggling cases; not involved in drug crimes, otherwise will be punished by the law, harm to others.


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