Cohesion three solid line story to the hills that green

Spring bright April day. Reporters came to the farm of Xining City, the mountains and occasionally still see along the winding mountain road to the forest water irrigation. The reporter went to the top of the fire station, stop and look, the flickering golden sun, pine needles, clean sky makes a beautiful picture, the charm of nature make people forget to worry troubles, that moment, you will feel the whole body and mind only belong to the present.

who can think of the last century in 60s, here is a barren wasteland, but now, the hill has long been pine, spruce, poplar, larch, Pinus sylvestris, sea buckthorn and vegetation, the forest coverage rate reached more than 93%, the total forest area reached 241.6 hectares, the whole mountain as if covered with a layer of green.

General Secretary Xi said, there is no substitute for the ecological environment, with no sense of loss is difficult to save. In the thousands of miles of yellow sand on the Tibetan Plateau, green resources is very precious, more people dream soul around." The farm director Tao Yaqin said.

in order to improve forest productivity, forest canopy density, promote the implementation of green development, forestry is also active in the increase of total amount of green, green in the Nanshan, has contracted South unitary hill, Shen Zhai Jin Song Ping, the green hills project, completed the Nanshan green barrier construction afforestation and maintenance management 590 hectares, and 666.7 hectares of green area undertakes the task of steering.

in the Huangshui River in Forest Park – a natural oxygen bar, in addition to members of the public can see the flowerbed, sketch landscape, rich flower plant distribution is reasonable, also overlooking the magnificent landscape before the mountain forest. Forest farm through the "green should be green, green should be green" principle, under the existing resources to fully expand the green space.

General Secretary Xi said, to protect the ecological environment, like the eyes, like the treatment of life as the ecological environment. Exercise in the four-star park now we can feel comfortable in nature at the same time, all we should cherish and protect the eyes of the." Out of the pan family do not forget to bring their own environmental protection bags, readily pick up the garbage.

"at present, the people’s expectations of a good ecological environment is very urgent, the country’s ecological environment protection requirements are very specific. As a forestry worker, must be strongly promoting the protection of the ecological environment, but also to retain the original intention of afforestation for the benefit of future generations, through various initiatives, let the seedlings increased, let the mountains full of vitality, achieve real green transformation." Tao Yaqin feel that the pressure is the driving force, we must take the burden to take this road.

stood on the road in front of the fire station, looked at the layers of green, no one will not marvel. And to create this green miracle is the ordinary people of the forest. Every tree is a collection of the sweat of the forest, each tree, I do not know how many people left behind the figure, which also has a lot of moving story.

Gao Chonghui is a full-time deputy director of the office of Nanshan green command, there was a heavy snow in Xining, rain and snow have been held from the night;

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