Bus station is expected to usher in the return of 7 days ahead of time to buy a return ticket in adv

Mid Autumn Festival during the national day, Xining passenger car is expected in October 7th will usher in the return peak.According to Zhang Xiaorong introduced the production and operation of the

section of the Xining bus station, due to double this year is from the beginning of September 29th, Xining bus station ushered in the peak passenger, mid day passenger traffic reached more than 36 thousand passengers, passenger flow mainly to students and visiting mainly.

chief Chang said that in order to ensure smooth passenger travel, the station through the increased capacity, the ticket window to open, long lines, during peak traffic to deal with the double. The station also take flexible classes, rolling classes, to ease the pressure on passenger cars, to ensure the smooth operation of the bus station.

Zhang section chief reminded that in October 7th may usher in the return of the passenger flow during the double peak, looking forward to the return of passengers three days in advance to the station to buy tickets. At the same time, the station will be based on the situation, arrange vehicles, adjust the frequency, to ensure smooth return trip. (author: Cai Yawen)


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