North for a City Ying seized the tough effort started

The city’s image of civilization depends on each to safeguard the public, never spit, do not throw cigarette butts, obey the traffic rules and civilized language start these things, people a simple manners can reflect the degree of civilization of the whole city. This is my last year to create a national civilized city of five years of planning, in order to build and maintain our beautiful homes, north of the city zone with the greatest determination, the maximum energy, to lay a city evaluation check this tough battle.

since 2010 in our city a city work since the launch of the north area of a city to work as a priority among priorities in the region to promote the work of various departments, elaborate organization, create work has achieved results, greatly enhance the degree of civilization of city. Moral lecture, civilized table action, so that the city’s knowledge of the full coverage of promotional activities to reach more than 85%.

the masses is a city of positive energy

[raise public awareness]: let the people know a city should know the main content should, widely publicize the importance of creating the city work and a city, a city to work, to create activities known to every family All the world knows., become a conscious practice, self education and self management action;

[]: environmental health environmental health problem has been the deepest feelings, opinions of the biggest problem of people in real life, the main city area, the urban fringe, Beijiexiaoxiang regional health corner centralized control, completely change the area surrounding environment dirty and messy phenomenon.

[two]: to solve the problem of public order to carry out the civilized traffic persuasion activities, minimizing vehicle and pedestrian violations. North District Urban Management Bureau, the Bureau of industry and Commerce north of the city, the traffic police detachment four brigade and other relevant functional departments to integrate the strength of the joint action to carry out joint governance, to create a good and orderly public order.

[three]: to solve the problem of infrastructure to infrastructure as a basic work well, to solve their own internal digestion. To increase capital investment, to make great efforts to solve the infrastructure is not perfect, not supporting the situation.

[four]: to solve the problem of volunteer service to take a variety of measures;

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