Leading cadres report personal matters can not be capricious

In the process of personal related matters in the spot check verification, we found that your personal matters related to the omission of the problem, on behalf of the organization here to criticize you, to remind you to talk." Municipal Organization Department official in charge of a county cadres to remind the conversation, said. In recent years, the city of Xining to increase the intensity of personal matters related to spot checks to verify the results achieved good results.

intensify, strict checks to verify it. Our city from three aspects to carry out spot checks to verify the report personal matters: one is to implement the "references will check". From January 2015 onwards, to be promoted to deputy division level and above cadres, as deputy division level and above cadres reserve candidates, and candidates transferred to important positions in the implementation of "references will check". At present, there are 15 leading cadres at the county level to remind the conversation, to the problem of the existence of the proposed 14 cadres to be promoted to the municipal committee. Two is to expand the proportion of random checks. On 2015, the tube leading cadres of personal matters of random checks to verify the ratio increased from last year’s 3%-5% to 10%, leading cadres report personal matters tube random checks of 80 City, 42 of which were the letter. Three inspections are carried out to focus on spot checks. According to the needs of the work of the municipal Party Committee inspection, 6 related leading cadres of personal matters related to the spot checks.

Duocuobingju ensure fill up. From three aspects of the city to ensure that the future of personal matters related to the authenticity and integrity. First, do a good job publicity. The two is to do the preparation work. Three is to complete the audit work. Four serious discipline strict accountability. To find the reporting is not standardized or concealed reports, depending on the seriousness of the case, according to the relevant provisions of serious accountability.

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