Eastern metro construction started

A location for future "xiadou ecological park, livable new fequot, mainly in science and technology, culture, sports, education, tourism, leisure and other modern service industry as the development direction of the eastern part of town is about to rise in Datong county. August 18th morning, by the China Pacific Construction Group, Datong County, the eastern part of the construction of the new town infrastructure cooperation project officially started.

is reported that, for the implementation of a new round of the country’s western development strategy, the provincial Party committee, the provincial government put forward the situation of Xining as the center of the eastern city of this major decision. Datong County as the population of the county of the province, is an important node in north eastern city of radiation group, the county government in accordance with the urban planning group of the eastern city of Xining city and the province’s overall planning for the development of new location in Datong County, new requirements of the provincial Party committee and government put forward the "Datong to play a leading role in the eastern city group construction in the entire province, combined with the actual development of the county city, launched in 2011 in Eastern metro construction project.

Eastern Metro Planning 8.5 square kilometers of land, the planned population of 80 thousand people, with Li Jia Bao Shuo Bei Xiang Village area east, connecting West and Laoye mountains surrounding area, north to South Mountain Natural yak body, classic mountain natural mountain, land use planning involves Shuo North Township 5 administrative villages, 2086 households and 1 State-owned Bankrupt enterprises. Metro planning positioning as a "Summer East ecological park, livable new fequot, mainly in the area of land and ecological resources as the basis for development, with the traffic and location advantages as the support, to assume the function and make up part of the city as the goal, to science and technology, culture, sports, tourism, leisure and other modern service industry as the development direction, to the city space layout advantages, center city population diversion, urban area decompression, perfect city functions and city grade promotion focus, enhance the level of Datong City Planning and construction, improve the function of the city, become a livable tour, taking appropriate and sustainable development of modern city. (author: 1)


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