n 2014 the province began to enroll graduate students

  September 27th, provincial admissions announced the province in 2014 to recruit graduate enrollment time, place of registration and preliminary examination and other related information.

in 2014 the province to recruit graduate students to work in September 25th to 28 registration, the current undergraduate graduates online forecast. October 10th to 31, every day 9:00-22:00, candidates log on the Internet through the Chinese graduate admissions information network (URL: http://s.yz.chsi.com.cn), according to the site and fill in the requirements of my registration information. This year’s graduates forecast information is valid, without repeated registration.

recommended exemption must in October 31st by the provincial admissions to the school check code recommended to fill out the registration information on the Internet, and the same period and the other candidates to confirm the registration information. November 10th to 14, candidates carry valid ID, graduation certificate and registration number to the management center recruitment exam service hall (Xining City, 54 West Road No. 33), Graduate Certificate auditing, photography, registration information check and payment information to confirm the site work, also require candidates to sign an examination integrity undertaking. No longer accept the registration formalities. (author: Chen Jun)


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