Express Xining city police check drunk driving traffic police refused to intercede all

days ago, Xining city traffic police detachment to the county traffic police brigade deployed severely punished illegal acts of drunk driving traffic special work, future investigation will change the previous way, take the method of thorough investigation is not fixed from time to time, never let the drunk driving traffic violations, and resolutely cut off all of the intercession of lax enforcement of the posterior. The police and the person in charge will be dealt with.

it is understood that since August 15th, the city traffic police department under the Ministry of public security and the Provincial Traffic Police Corps plans and arrangements to start the thorough investigation of drunk driving traffic violations within the city, three county traffic police traffic police detachment vehicle administration authorities, and the four district brigade into the police force, launched a thorough investigation of drunk driving traffic violations. In the climax, the media have also done a lot of reports, however, has drunk driving traffic violations still lvjinbujue, more than two months because of drunk driving 11 traffic accidents occurred, causing a great threat to the safety of the people.

on the evening of October 30th, the reporter with the west of the traffic police brigade in the victory of the road after a thorough investigation of drunk driving traffic violations, in less than two hours to investigate and deal with the 3 traffic violations. It is understood that in October 15th a period of two months of the end of the special rectification has been only half a month, the West has been investigated and dealt with traffic police brigade drunk driving traffic violations since the 9. The city traffic police detachment Li Mingjun told reporters that in the future the thorough investigation, the investigation must be changed in the past, the traffic police brigade in the investigation to change at any time and place of inspection section, do not let any one street and alleyways; at any time to change the examination time, day and night combination, weekends and holidays do not give up; change at any time and way, the brigade regularly not regularly check to the city traffic police investigate the combination of centralized. Meanwhile, in a thorough investigation, the police to shut down the phone, in strict accordance with the Ministry of public security, the requirements of the four will be punished for lax enforcement of traffic police and the relevant person in charge to make a serious deal.


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