Our city advocates the implementation of ecological funeral

In recent years, the government attaches great importance to actively cooperate with relevant departments and all levels of Civil Affairs under the municipal infrastructure construction, funeral in our city has made great progress, funeral services market has been standardized, and gradually improve the construction and management of cemeteries, Huimin funeral reform steadily, effectively reducing the burden of funeral. In order to further improve the quality of public culture, improve the city spirit, realize the civilized city, governance arbitrary bury, to effectively restore the two north-south mountain green ecological barrier, the full implementation of the city major funeral reform significance. It is understood that in 2005, the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau through television, newspapers and other news media, has 5 times in the green area remediation burial tomb of 2040 seat civil strife, through governance after the transformation of the region has planted pine and cypress, forming the landscape green belt, the effect is obvious. Because the ecological funeral style (tree burial, funeral flower beds, ashes scattered etc.) is currently promotion, planning according to our city, the existing cemetery can still meet the people in the next 30 years the funeral demand, Municipal Bureau of civil affairs plan with the goal of "green low-carbon, green ecological", gradually implement the plan in the existing cemetery after the burial development projects, play a positive benefit, environmental benefit and ecological benefits of tree burial, the funeral and green overall, guide the masses to carry out ecological funeral. So that the cemetery planning and construction gradually to artistic, cultural, commemorative in one, the human landscape and the natural landscape of the organic combination of landscape direction.  

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