Datong county Party Secretary county Han Shengcai research social security work

8 24 in the morning, deputy secretary of the county Party committee, county magistrate Han Shengcai Li Shiying, deputy magistrate of the county government office director Wang Shichang, County Finance Bureau Huang Huaihua, County Bureau of human resources and social security bureau Comrade Song Qinghai accompanied to the Social Security Bureau of investigation work.

Han Shengcai and other leaders in the field visits to the Datong County handling service hall, listened to the work report of the Secretary Ma Zhiyun do, fully affirmed the work of the County Social Security Bureau: is a county bureau of social security work by color, the work is very effective; two panels on the data from the hall. We can see that the Social Security Bureau, a lot of work, but also can well reflect the party and the government pay attention to people’s livelihood and the policy benefit degree; three is this year, the National Audit Office audit of social security funds of large span, from the audit report reflects social security bureau solid foundation work; four is the work of archives management of social security bureau business on behalf of the Qinghai province to accept the National Archives acceptance leading group approval, that the County Social Security Bureau archives management work has been walking in the forefront of the province. These achievements, from the side reflects the Social Security Bureau leadership is good, team unity, down-to-earth style, can be completely assured, is a good cadre team.

Han Shengcai pointed out that in no more than the menace from the rear in Datong County, Social Security Bureau will of the masses to solve the menace from the rear, to the party and the government’s warmth to the people’s side, which fully reflects the party and the government of the people’s livelihood concerns, the social security administration Comrades must redouble their efforts to do good, to good thing, do not live up to the trust of the party and the people.

Han Shengcai stressed that the Social Security Bureau in the office conditions are not very good, the work is very good, the service attitude is the best, the business is the most detailed, the effectiveness of the work is the highest. Finally, the difficulties raised by the Social Security Bureau, Han Shengcai instructed relevant departments to give leadership.


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