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to solve the employment and Entrepreneurship of college graduates has become a very important work at all levels of government, and governments at all levels are also working for such a great effort. "13th Five-Year" period, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region will further the implementation of employment promotion and start to lead the program, to help 650 thousand college graduates employment and entrepreneurship.

According to the Inner Mongolia

, the employment of college graduates work in the first place of employment, continue to organize the implementation of "three help" and "people’s livelihood community volunteer service" service project of college graduates, encourage and guide the employment of college graduates to urban and rural areas and small and medium sized enterprises. To improve the employment of graduates leave school not the real name system database, the construction of a number in line with the direction of industrial development and employment needs of college graduates training base, the employment of college graduates every trainee needs to have training opportunities.

relevant departments will help more willingness and ability of college students entrepreneurship, strengthen the entrepreneurial guidance, entrepreneurship training and tracking service, to provide policy advice, information services, project development, risk assessment, business guide, financing services, tracking support and other one-stop business services, through the Yijiangdaibu way create a number of college graduates entrepreneurial brand.

In addition to the efforts of

has been made, the government is still constantly open up new channels of service, only for college graduates can get better service. It is understood that Inner Mongolia will also accelerate the construction site recruitment platform cloud services platform, talent supply and demand exchange to build the scene negotiations and interactive online using a combination of the new pattern of "Internet + employment service", make use of online job supermarket, talent E station, handheld mobile terminal and post demand information, the role of the main channel to further develop the market allocation talent resources.

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