Gu Xiaoping smoke hotel business has changed

now a lot of people sigh that alcohol is more and more difficult to sell, not only because the competition has become intense, but also because of a variety of policy control. In recent years, with the economic and social development, especially in the country will be drunk driving as a crime, the decline in sales of liquor, smoke Hotel competition between the increasingly fierce. In order to cope with the competition, I pay attention to the following aspects of change, to maintain a good level of sales.

is a single sample out of the sample. In order to attract the attention of customers, I learned how to change the counter sample. I downloaded some merchandising pattern from the Internet, spare when on the counter sample of the renovation, use their brains to make goods put on a variety of exquisite ideas, no matter which put into a form, I pay attention to put a different pattern with other cigarette and liquor vendor, as far as possible is both beautiful and full of personality every time, so that consumers feel a different visual effect.

at the same time, I also pay attention to the effect of light to coax the effect of goods. As long as the outside light is not good, I try to turn on the lights, so that customers into the store has an elegant atmosphere. This is really effective, every time customers come to the store will be praised when I shop merchandise display characteristics, said very much like to my shop, because I shop has a different kind of style.

two is to change the customer to my service for me to serve the customer. For our retail customers, the change is for customers to be more satisfied. The same goods, the same price, who’s good service, who let the customer satisfaction, will win the consumer. To this end, I am very concerned about the details of the service changes. Now, every time the customer service, I will ask the customer what is the need for a little more, I think I can do something for the customer, so as to make every customer happy and satisfied.

, for example, in the communication with the customer, in addition to pay attention to change my facial expression and attitude, try to change the polite words for the family discourse. In the settlement with the customer, as far as possible in the past to change a little less than the practice as long as they can make a profit to the customer to make a little profit, or to send a small gift, or according to the customer’s purchase amount less money.

to customer packaging of goods, change the past no mark for packaging packaging and labeling, packing bags with their store information customization, and pay attention to improve the quality of packaging bags, packaging bags to prevent the quality is not good, to bring customers the trouble. In addition, whenever there is a customer to buy wine, I do not forget to remind the customer said: do not drink, drink, do not drive, giving the customer a kind of warmth.

three is changing customers to find me for me to find customers. Now, in order to open a good store must not sit at home, the door to the customer, and to learn to find their own customers. How can we find more customers? I feel as long as we use our heart to change

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