Apprentice counter attack into a millionaire two entrepreneurial success

from a little-known apprentice, by virtue of their own efforts to promote the promotion of wealth giant, such a rich experience, entrepreneurs who are envious of, in fact, which also has a hidden bitterness.

1997 October, the Asian financial turmoil in Hongkong, the entire Hongkong economy has not been negative growth in 50 years. Chen Zhengdao’s fashion company has also been a great impact.

during the nightmare of the day, Chen Zhengdao did not win, but reluctantly announced that the company closed down. After the wages of all the employees, he found himself suddenly become a pauper. At that time, a pair of children are reading, it is time to spend money.

the accident, let Chen Zhengdao overnight anxious white head. By the end of 1997, Chen Zhengdao decided to return to Shenzhen. When he brought his wife and children on the Luohu bridge, the numb nerve was a vibrant city thorn woke up he immediately dismissed the idea of Shenzhen trip, in the clothing market investigation, Chen Zhengdao has the heart bottom, the mood also click into place. He decided to go back to Shenzhen for the second time.

1998 February, Chen Zhengdao returned to Shenzhen alone. Now he is only 6000 Hong Kong dollars. In the case of no money, no guarantee of bank loans, Chen Zhengdao decided to look for a clothing factory to work, saving power to make a comeback.


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