Beware of being cheated

a lot of people have a boss dream, want to realize their dreams or entrepreneurship is more practical. Now there are many entrepreneurs, do not blindly follow the trend, and lose yourself. Entrepreneurs need to be cautious, investment risk. We choose to join the venture in the project should be taken to guard against the temptation, then venture to join what projects are not reliable?

a trap: vending machines

is the franchise, actually sell machines, or charge a lot of fee from, this is the Franchise Exhibition It is often seen. phenomenon. Shortly before a show, a production company listed bath box franchise is, no initial fee, they only need to buy the machine and a stock of 30 units, can be achieved at the county level market proxy, which means that the development of offline franchisee rights. Although they shouted out the slogan of free join fee, but the idea is to buy the car to join.

once the company "quanqian" after the run, the disadvantaged franchisees is only lose the wife of another soldier.

Trap two:

pay the deposit on the spot

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