Fruit time drinks shop can make money

there are still a lot of people in the business options for the purpose of taking into account the limited personal capital investment, choose to open their own beverage stores, so that the cost of investment in the range of acceptance, return is also higher. In the highly competitive beverage market, the drink is popular with people’s entrepreneurial choice. Fresh fruit time to join, a competitive advantage of the beverage brand, product taste good, delicious and healthy, for people, has a great appeal, is not missed entrepreneurial opportunities. Now, the headquarters is hot investment, is a good choice for entrepreneurship.

drinks market competition, a brand for people’s attention, it is necessary to ensure that the taste of different products. Fresh fruit time, innovation to create the same characteristics of food, with the support of professionals, will be a variety of coarse grains with reasonable processing, for people to bring a different taste of fragrant taste. Its products taste good, taste and more, for people to love, businesses set up natural easy to make money.

fresh fruit drinks shop can make money?

analysis of annual turnover profit of fresh fruit

drinks shop location: near the school

drinks shop rent: 50 thousand / year

drinks shop water costs: 800 yuan / month

drinks shop staff wages: 2500/ months (boss +1 employees)

drinks shop daily sales number: 150 cup

beverage shop product price: 6 yuan

drinks shop daily sales: 400 yuan

above this situation, is the most common form of a beverage store, of course, can also be opened 1 drinks shop, you can also open the door to 5 people, the business is large and small, take this typical example to analyze. From the above data, let us count, profit = revenue – expenditure, as follows:

= net income (drinks cup number / day price + × × margin snacks for sale) – rent – hydro – staff wages net income (= 150 cups / day 6 yuan × × +400) 65%-137 yuan / day rent -27 yuan / day of -83 yuan / day wage income =598/ days. One year is 218 thousand.

delicious taste, stylish packaging, comfortable space, making the time to join a large number of young men and women to share a romantic place. Although the project is good, but we must learn to seize the opportunity, now is the rapid accumulation of people

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