Go out on a tobacco supermarket business is more prosperous

talking about the supermarket, and now almost any place has a lot of home, so if you can not have a certain business skills, the store business is not easy to want hot. "No wonder the newly opened near the supermarket and the sale of the original is so prosperous, the supermarket boss in a lot of people carrying goods out of their customers to the supermarket door, must smiled and handed him a cigarette with gratitude." On Saturday morning, walking back from the outside of said I hit off mr..

"brother, please have a newly listed Hartmann (fragrance) walk!" On Saturday afternoon, I caught up with a middle-aged smoker, who was carrying two boxes of milk just across the door of the store. "Well, it’s nice to have a nice taste and a warm feeling."

big sister, busy finishing the shelves. Please put the hands of the living, for our brothers and sisters take two Hartmann cigarettes and some nutrients (fragrance)." Raised his head down a more familiar voice in the past, I saw last Saturday afternoon to go out to give me a cigarette on the middle of the customer is leading a number of similar age in the selection of goods.

"please smoke, rest your feet again!" After the end of the account, I was about to go out of the middle-aged customers who smiled and said. "Well, well, it’s not good to have to run a few more steps to get you to go shopping, and the service to go out of a cigarette makes people feel cool!" The middle-aged customers said emotionally.

sent out a cigarette on the road, the new cigarette recommended hands. With the launch of a cigarette out careful service concept, the new OTC won the good market effect of cigarette in hand. Many smokers customers after the first free tasting, the second time to come back to the store to buy cigarettes will choose their last free tasting new cigarettes.

although many of the supermarket services are good, but can provide such services, I am afraid that the shop is not much, can naturally leave a very deep impression in the minds of customers. Carry out customer goods who smiled and handed him a cigarette is a small supermarket service links in the management, but this service is fine, enough to make many customers feel very warm, and wants to buy something when you can think of.

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