Chengdu sports industry innovation and entrepreneurship incubator established

since China hosted the 2008 Olympic Games, the sports industry has become a very profitable industry, entrepreneurs will certainly pay attention to it. January 2016, Chengdu sports industry innovation and entrepreneurship incubator built, officially settled in shuangliu.

At the beginning of the new year


"opinions" issued to sports undoubtedly adds infinite vitality, and the Chengdu Sports Industry Summit and the Chengdu sports industry innovation incubator award, which is born in this background.

the summit as "Tianfu venture   Jing Rong and the sports industry will enjoy creating a common event, has attracted from all over the country sports industry experts and scholars as well as part of college sports professional sports well-known enterprises attended and made a keynote speech. From the Sichuan local sports business executives around the event operations, event innovation, the development of sports industry, sports entrepreneurship and other content with the guests do experience sharing.

"as a modern service industry is an important part of the sports industry will achieve greater development. With the development of economy, people’s living standards improved steadily, public sports and leisure sports development is to form the pattern of the development of sports industry in the sports industry is hitherto unknown, into the golden age. Looking to the future, we can clearly see the sports

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