Do business to be sincere to customers


said that almost every shopkeeper will do business, are often directed at the profits go. However, different operators, the attitude of the customer may also be different. Here, Xiao Bian recommended operators, do business needs to be true to the customer, so that their business will get a greater degree of development, and thus gain more.

one morning, I went to the city to buy things, at noon in a Chinese fast food restaurant to eat a meal. It is so much more than a dozen dollars a meal is a great inspiration to me.

that day I ordered a steamed egg with whitebait. When I started eating, I suddenly realized that I knew little about the fish I can not eat seafood because of allergies, for reasons of caution, I took this steamed egg to ask the waiter. However, the waiter is not very sure about this problem. I’m a little sorry. It was just a little rash. Food is a particular emphasis on health and safety, since I have been steamed eggs to the table, it should not be replaced with other food products, and the steamed egg is white.

I began to eat, just ate two, but see just the waiter came to me and said to me: "lady, if you can not eat whitebait steamed egg, I help you to change into a good tomato soup?" So she took the steamed egg to the front desk and gave me a tomato and egg soup. Later, I became a loyal customer of the restaurant, but also the restaurant membership card.

this is a small thing, has touched me greatly, I realized that: to do business is to make money, but not to gain too heavy, the more the more specific is counterproductive. Treat customers to be warm and sincere, more for their sake, so as to win the trust of customers, will have more repeat customers.

later I applied the idea of "really for the sake of customers" to my own store operation. As long as customers reflect the goods in my shop to buy a problem, even if it is only a small flaw, I will readily return for customers. Some consumers to buy cigarettes, I often give them a lighter, hot days will give a bottle of iced mineral water for their good; customers sometimes have no change, I will give them to zero as the case. Over the past year, more and more customers in my store, the store business is getting better and better.

The current

era although business is not good, but the owners can grasp the business skills but many, however, there are many ways of marketing, but my own experience told me: really for the sake of customers is the best marketing. So, if you are a shop owner, if you want to make your own shop business is more popular, might as well be true for customers.

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